Option 1:
£295.00 per person
Full weekend retreat, including accommodation x 2 nights, breakfast x 2 days, lunch x 2 days, 6 x workshops:

Option 2: £190.00 per person
Full weekend retreat without accommodation, including lunch x 2 days, 6 x workshops:

Option 3: Pay per day,
Day 1 - £90.00 per person;
Days 2 & 3 - £110.00 per person;
To attend the pitching session on Day 3 with Simon Trewin writers must attend the workshops on Day 2.

Optional Extra: (not included in above options)
Editing made Easy: £25 per person

Call 01461 800344 to book your place.
A £100 deposit will be required at the time of booking.

Crime Fiction Writing Courses - Programme

Our programme of crime fiction writing courses and workshops is designed to give attendees practical advice and useful tips to improve their skillset.

Each tutor will provide exercises and handouts for attendees to take away.

The weekend is designed to not just provide writing skills, but also opportunities for networking and socialising with other writers.

Writers of all levels are welcome to attend the various courses and enjoy the hospitality of The Mill Forge.

Friday 10th March
Induction and introductions

10.15 - 12.45
Group A - Using Forensics in crime Writing - Lin Anderson
Lin Anderson, creator of the acclamined Rhona MacLeod and co-founder of the Bloody Scotland festival will teach attendees how to incorporate the use of forensics into their crime writing and offer tips & insights into forensic science

Group B - Keeping Your Readers Reading - Tom Harper
Former CWA chair, Tom Harper will demonstrate techniques on ways to keep your readers turning the page by injecting suspense and tension into your writing


1.30 - 4.00
Group A - Keeping Your Readers Reading - Tom Harper
Group B - Using Forensics in crime Writing - Lin Anderson

4.30 - 5.00pm
Setting Realisitc Goals - Michael Malone 
This short session will give you the opportunity to step back, assess your writing goals, where you are in relation to achieving them and help you check your actions to make sure you remain on track

Saturday 11th March
10.00 - 12.30pm
Group A - Putting the Horror into Your Crime: Paul Finch
Best selling crime and horror author, Paul Finch will demonstrate ways in which the two genres cross over and explain how best to incorporate horror elements into your crime writing

Group B - Synopsising your Novel and Preparing your Pitch - Simon Trewin
Who better than an agent to teach you how to pitch your novel? Simon Trewn of WME Entertainment will teach attendees on the best way to pitch their novels to agents and publishers in a way that will grab their attention with a professional pitch and well thought synopsis.


1.30 - 4.00pm
Group A - Synopsising your Novel and Preparing your Pitch - Simon Trewin
Group B - Putting the Horror into Your Crime: Paul Finch

4.30 - 5.30pm
1-2-1 Surgeries - Varour Speakers
Pick the brains of our speakers on a 1-2-1 basis to solve that thorny problem with plotting, characters or setting with advice and insight from an experienced professional.

Sunday 12th March
Pitch session - Simon Trewin
Simon Trewn of WME Entertainment will be hearing pitches from all attendees. Wow hin with a well delivered pitch about your unique novel and you could be on the way to literary stardom.

Optional Extra
Friday 10th March 
8.00 - 10.00pm
Editing made Easy - Morgen Bailey
Editing your own writing can be torturous. Newbies or veteran writers, everyone has to do it. Using a variety of interactive and paper-based exercises, Morgen will show how torture can be fun! Ful handouts provided including a checklist of techniques for fine-tuning what you've already written, improving your writing, keeping track of characters, making your writing more vivid & engaging, honing grammar essentials, and overcoming the pain of killing your "darlings".

N.B. This workshop is not included in the overall price and will be charged at £25 per person.